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Accolade provides cost effective and high quality programs for secondary education with tutorial support that would enable the students to expand the growth and effectiveness of learning.

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Tutorial Classes & Part Time Study Programmes

Edexcel IGCSE (London O/L's)

Edexcel International A/L's (London A/l's)(IAL)

About Accolade The Study Centre

Accolade - The Study Centre, a subsidiary of the Gateway Group, is a full-fledged private institution in Sri Lanka devoted to education and educational support for Sri Lanka students, which has considerable amount of experience in training and assessment that meets international standards since 1986. We provide Study support, Extra classes or tuition classes for Local (Sri Lanka) Advance Level, A-Level, A/Ls or AL English Medium, Local (Sri Lanka) Ordinary Level, O-Level, O/Ls or OLs English Medium and UK (London) IGCSEs/ International GCSEs, O-Level/ OLs, A-Level/ ALs and AS-levels. The study programs are fully comprehensive including practical projects and scientific experiments so then the students would not need any other additional support to get through the exams with flying colours.

Being an approved EDEXCEL Examination Centre, students have the privilege of sitting the Pearson Edexcel IGCSE, IAL and GCE exams at Accolade itself. We are committed towards high academic excellence and our main focus is to support students achieve the highest possible grades.

Salient Features & Benefits of Studying at Accolade:
  • Proven results in every exams session
  • Well qualified and experienced teaching staff
  • Classes conducted on weekday afternoons (2.30PM-6.30PM) & Saturdays (8.00AM-6.00PM)
  • Individual attention to students in class
  • Access to reference and study materials of the Gateway College Library at specified time slots
  • Professional & safe learning environment
  • Experienced and qualified panel of lecturers
  • Responsible & attentive staff
  • Discipline and caring environment
  • Small group classes with student centred education methods
  • Term test at the end of every term
  • Unit/ monthly tests as a tool for continuous assessment
  • Parents - teachers meeting at the end of every term
  • Easy access from Nugegoda, Kotehena, Town Hall, Battaramulla etc. via public transport
  • Comfortable and state of the art classrooms

Examinations Center for Pearson Edexcel IGCSE/IAL Examinations

Students can register and sit for Edexcel Examinations at our approved Pearson Edexcel Examinations Centre.

We accept applications from PRIVATE CANDIDATES who wants to take an Edexcel IAL /IGCSE qualification but does not study at ACCOLADE. This includes those of whom are home-schooled, self-taught or looking to retake an examination.

Skills for Life (Pvt) Ltd
No: 03 Gothami Road, Colombo 08

TP : +94 011 2697766       Fax : +94 11 2697766
Email: info@skillsforlife.lk /accolade@gateway.lk

What People Say

I believe that in the process of learning both the student and teacher have major roles to play. During my time at Accolade I was fortunate enough to have three wonderful & encouraging teachers who helped me get the grades that I needed (Biology-“A”, Chemistry-“A”, Physics-“A”) & I am highly grateful to my teachers.

I would like to especially thank these three teachers who made the learning process a whole lot easier & who helped me in every way they could.

I recommend this to anyone who wishes to succeed in their academics because from personal experience I believe that I am correct in saying that the highly qualified teachers of Accolade-The Study Centre provided me the encouragement and kindness which a student needs.

Pearson Edexcel Examinations - May/June 2018

Aashrinee Gunasekara



My Edexcel IAL results is a reflection of the high standards set by Accolade and I have no hesitation for recommending it to anyone who’s willing to sit for the Edexcel IGCSE and IAL exam. I am very grateful for the commitment and hard work put by all my teachers and their guidance allowed me to achieve an A* for Economics, 2A’s for Accounting and Business studies. My utmost gratitude and thanks goes to the management for recruiting qualified and experienced teachers.

Pearson Edexcel Examinations - May/June 2018

KSachini Anuttara Jagodage


Being a part of Accolade-Study Centre was the greatest opportunity I had to getting 4A*s and 3As at my IGCSEs. The teachers always made it their first priority to make sure that we felt comfortable and relaxed throughout the year. Comprehensive and thorough discussion and analysis of past papers, continuous assessment and revision through worksheets, was only two of many things that the students are blessed with by the teachers who expect everyone to give hundred percent in their studies.

The teachers make sure to go through the syllabus at a fast pace while making sure all areas are covered fully and with complete understanding. What made me smile the most was how passionate and reliable all the academic and non-academic staff were, so there’s never been a day I wished I skipped class. My success was only one of many that happen here at Accolade. I whole-heartedly recommend this heaven- like Study Centre to anyone who wish to become the best of the best.

Pearson Edexcel Examinations - May/June 2018

Dinsara Ginige


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Admission of students for IAL /IGCSE Part-Time Study Programmes

Admission of students for Sri Lankan GCE A/L & O/L – English Medium

Pearson Edexcel IAL /IGCSE Examinations


Pearson Edexcel IAL /IGCSE Examinations


Admission of students for IAL /IGCSE Part-Time Study Programmes


Pearson Edexcel IAL Examinations

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